Golescu-Grant manor house (Belvedere Palace)

Address: 64, Aleea Ţibleş

Around 1784, Dinicu Golescu started the building of a residence on the bank of the river Dâmbovița. In 1830, Dinicu Golescu and Heliade Rădulescu decided that this “house with a tower” should be a boarding school for the girls of the wealthy boyars. The Grant family owned Belvedere Gardens and Dinicu Golescu’s estate, inherited by his granddaughter, Zoe Racoviță who was to become Effingham Grant’s wife. This would later develop into a residential area known under the name of Grant (stretching as far as Gara de Nord (the Northern Train Station), Giulești and the military hospital; this is also where the family home was). The building has had several names: Palatul Belvedere (Belvedere Palace), Casa cu Turn (The Tower House) and Conacul Golescu-Grant (the Golescu-Grant manor house). Today, the building is known as ‘Palatul Copiilor‘ in district 6.