About the project

The planned itinerary includes a selection of some of the most representative buildings relevant to the activity of notable members of the British community in Bucharest, between the 19th century and the post-World War II period. The journey starts with the history of the selected buildings and places, and moves on to document the personal histories of the various British personalities who lived and worked in Bucharest at the time. Included in the itinerary are places located in central Bucharest (Strada Grigore Mora, Strada Doamnei, Strada Maria Rosetti, Strada Spătarului, the Anglican Church, the British Council office) and also in the suburbs - Grant district and Palatul Belvedere Grant (the Belvedere Grant Palace).

Queen Marie, Maria Rosetti (née Grant) and her brother, Effingham Grant, Mazar Paşa (Stephen Lakeman) and Ivor Porter, all played an important role in Romanian society and history.

Unfortunately, some of the houses in which famous figures such as Maria Rosetti and Mazar Pașa lived, no longer exist but their history and position are noted on the Bucharest map.

The British presence in Romanian culture and society has been the focus of several studies, the earliest being Nicoale Iorga’s and more recently, those of Paul Cernovodeanu and Sorin Liviu Damean.


The publication of A Historical Journey through Bucharest was prompted by the 75th anniversary of the British Council in Bucharest.

  • Author: Doina Anghel
  • Graphic design: George Sidoreac
  • English translation: Luminița Townson
  • British Council project coordinator: Alis Vasile @British Council 2013  
  • Acknowledgments: Emanuel Bădescu, Octavian Carabela, The Library of the Romanian Academy, The National Museum of Art of Romania